Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This was the third night baseball was cancelled on account of lightening. Better safe than to have any issues. It was pretty nasty too.

While loading the gear and the kids into the manivan with my parents, I hop in to hear #1 say "dad, #2 said a bad word." I look back at #2 and say, “I better not hear what you said again." he looked me right in the eye and said..."you didn't hear me you were outside." after looking at him for a second feeling a fit of rage coming on, he’s follows with his hands behind his head, "dad, just drive." I think I had either a moment of Zen, or the voice of my distant future grandson whispering, don't kill my dad or maybe just the thought of kudos son, you have the balls and I will let you have this one because I am hungry and want to go home. Either way, I simply stated, don't talk to me like that.

Pretty easy night, they played with toys and I cleaned up a little while catching up with the DVR. 90% was just too much and I need to learn how America was made. It is a good show and I would recommend it to anyone not knowing why we are who we are. Which is most of us.