Monday, February 1, 2010

Car ride home

I think it finally stopped snowing. I will have to shovel tomorrow. shitters.

On the way home, #1 asked if it would be funny if a beep-beep jeep was in 3d. Without going into much detail, I told him everything was in 3d. That was the beginning of a long conversation. #2 kept yelling out things he saw outside and asking if they were in 3d.

#2: Sign!
me: yep.
#2: I got it right!!

#2: tree!
me: yep.
#2: I got it right!!

He caught me off guard with...
#2: Black!

me: well, bud, black is a color and you don't see it that way.

looking outside, confused because it was night...

#2: I can see it out there.

I had nothing.

I read your card, thank you. We miss you and love you very much.

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