Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time with the boy...

I watched some history channel this evening with #1. Christ that kid is smart but cannot stop talking during my educational shows. It was about the Mt. Saint Helens eruption. We talked about volcanoes and mudslides and earthquakes. At least I talked about it. he liked the flowers that have bloomed since the eruption.

I don't know how to put this. I may be losing my mind slightly. I, forgot to put underwear on the young one this morning. He did not say a word, went to school and did not tell anyone. He came out of class and gave me a big hug, I looked down and he had a tiny plummer crack showing. I went to pull them up and saw he had no grunderpants on. I asked his teacher if he had an accident. She said he did not. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking this morning but I have no clue how I could miss that one.

I meet with the mechanic today. He took a look at the money pit of a Kia. He let me know we will need a new transfer case... and four new tires. All wheel drive vehicles require all tires to be exact pressure, wear and astrological sign. If we sell it we will still need to fix it. We could get away with not replacing the tires but by this time we have balanced the house against the success of the car. Dare I say we might as well keep it, what else could go wrong? I will start looking for parts.

Lost was good, it should be a good season but it will be good to see the end. Too many years of questions reminds me of puberty. It was good to see that end too.

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